Join us for a Special iPDK Session at DATE 2011

IPL(Interoperable PDK Library) Alliance members will present the features, challenges and benefits of interoperable PDKs (iPDKs) from IDM, foundry and EDA vendor perspectives. Attendees will learn more about the IPL Alliance, the progress made to-date and next steps. IPL 1.0, the industry's first open standard for interoperable PDKs will also be disussed.

Date: Wednesday 16 March
Time: 13:00 - 14:30
Location: Les Bans (doors open at 12:30)

Jingwen Yuan, IPL Alliance (Host)
Gilles Namur, ST Microelectronics
Ofer Tamir, TowerJazz Semiconductor
Francois Thomas, Synopsys

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